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Tantric massage London NW3

Posted on Jan 21, 2019

Tantric massage in London NW3 by Nirvana it's an ancient technique who leads to extremely amazing experiences of deep relaxation and erotica put in appliance by your chosen masseuse which will take care of all your needs and wishes by arranging a special environment with candles and erotic moves special designed just for you.
Why book tantric massage in London NW3 by Nirvana?
Tantra has been practiced for many years by the most spiritual people as a reunion of body and soul mixed up together. To unite body and spirit all together is necessary to clean your mind, to relax all your muscles, to lose yourself in the music and unite your spirit with your masseuse.
Tantra massage includes a technique of massage combined with elements from yoga and sexual therapy.
The ones are attempting to this reunion let themselves surrounded by the rediscovery of senses, feelings, and emotions.
The session starts same as a normal massage using a discreet organic oil and applying specific tantric techniques. Meanwhile, the message you will be naked allowing for an erotic, intimate and sensual experience.